PVC-U Fascias

Hard-wearing, reliable and practical

To avoid money-sapping repairs, it’s vital to protect your structural roof space at all times. Our fascias at once conceal and protect the ends of your roof rafters, as well as giving your roof a consistent appearance that will stand up to any weather.

Choose from standard flat profiles or the head-turning sculptured ‘ogee’ style. As is the case with the rest of our roofline range, these PVC-U fascias and fascia boards come in a huge number of colours and finishes, including decorative finials for a touch of tradition.

PVC-U Soffits

Our PVC-U soffit boards are available in three styles, all fully compatible with our fascias to guarantee an exact colour fit. They will enhance and protect every section of your roof, keeping it clean and looking pristine for years to come.

Soffit choices

Choose from standard utility board which gives a simple and clean look, vented soffit boards for additional ventilation, or lightweight hollow soffit boards for a stylish, cost-effective option.

Ventilated soffit boards prevent moisture build-up in your home’s roof space. Over time, this can cause rotting timber eaves and joists, in turn weakening the roof structure.