When a standard conservatory doesn’t deliver the experience you’re hoping for, why not raise the bar? You can combine two styles – the Victorian and lean-to, for example – or adapt an existing structure so it takes the shape of the letter P. This way, you can enjoy the ultimate in space and flexibility.

Use your extra living space for two discrete purposes – dining and relaxing, for example, or as a family room and a crafting zone. Whatever your lifestyle demands…

Our P-shaped conservatories deliver… 

  • Bespoke designs to blend with your home’s existing style, within your personal budget.
  • A range of glazing options, from stained or leaded to Georgian bars and vertical sliding sash windows.
  • Mix and match colours across a wide spectrum of tones so you can select the combination that’s right for you, whether you opt for all-in-one colours, or team a woodgrain exterior with a white interior, for example.
  • Outstanding performance when the weather turns nasty. Unlike some conservatories, which are finished with sealant for water-tightness, our constructions are precision-engineered to rely less on sealant, which can be unreliable and unattractive. The innovative system in our roofs means you can trust their performance for their entire lifetime.
  • Thermal efficiency that maximises heat retention and the diffusion of light to deliver an ambience that will have the family relaxing in the conservatory all year round.